American Actor AnnaLynne McCord Trolled Over Bizarre Video

'Dear Putin, If I Were Your Mother...':Actor Trolled Over Bizarre Video

AnnaLynne McCord posted the video after he ordered his troops to invade Ukraine.

American actor AnnaLynne McCord’s video appeal on social media to Russia to end the Ukraine strikes backfired after she bizarrely spoke about being Vladimir Putin’s mother.

The former 90210 star was mocked online for the self-written poem with some calling her ‘self indulgent,’ and ‘narcissistic’ for drawing attention to herself as Mr Putin leads a brutal attempt to take over Ukraine. Others likened it to Gal Gadot’s infamous 2020 “Imagine” video which sparked backlash at the beginning of the pandemic.

“Dear President Vladimir Putin, I’m so sorry that I was not your mother,” the 34-year-old is heard saying in the 2:20-minute video.

McCord uploaded the video addressed to the Russian president after he ordered his troops to invade neighboring Ukraine early Thursday.

McCord speaks on how Mr Putin’s life would have been different, had she been his mother.

“If I was your mother, if the world was cold, I’d have died to make you warm. … I’d have died to give you life,” she continues in the clip before stating that she “cannot believe” she was born “too late” to be the Russian leader’s mother.

The actor has hinted in the poem that she was speaking metaphorically and was really referring to Russia with her ‘mother’ references.

While some commentators argued that she meant well, others were caustic over what they called a tone-deaf video.


Another joked, “Just sing ‘Imagine’ next time. It’s easier than whatever this is.”

On Instagram, one user joked, “Gal Gadot’s crown just slipped a little.”

Some schooled her on her prose.

“you gon have to up your rhyme game if you tryna stop a war… this ain’t no lullaby booboo,” another said.

Russia launched its invasion by land, air and sea on Thursday following a declaration of war by Putin. An estimated 100,000 people fled as explosions and gunfire rocked major cities. US and Ukrainian officials say Russia aims to capture Kyiv and topple the government.

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