Cruise Missiles Used In Attack On Lviv; Vladimir Putin Likens Opponents To ‘Gnats’

Russia-Ukraine war LIVE updates:

Russian forces largely bogged down outside major cities in Ukraine have turned to shelling them from a distance, including dozens of confirmed attacks on health facilities during the war that on Thursday entered its fourth week. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in his nighttime video address to the nation that he is thankful to US President Joe Biden for additional military aid but won’t say specifically what the new package includes because he doesn’t want to tip off Russia. Foreign ministers of the Group of Seven leading economies said in a joint statement that Russian President Vladimir Putin is conducting an unprovoked and shameful war.” The fighting has led more than 3 million people to flee Ukraine, the UN estimates. The death toll remains unknown, though Ukraine has said thousands of civilians have died.

First Published:  IST

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