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This video that was posted on Instagram by Johny Lever and has now gone viral, shows him trying wasabi for the first time.

Actor and comedian Johny Lever has been holding onto his title of being the expression king and one of the funniest people in the scene for a while. He regularly shares updates on his Instagram page, many of which are quite funny and/or interesting. This time he has taken to Instagram in order to share a video of himself trying some wasabi for the first time.

This video has left many people in splits after his expressions got to them. The video opens to show Johny Lever sitting at a restaurant and looking at a plate that has been served in front of him. As the video progresses, one can see how he takes a little bite of some wasabi that has been served as well. This is the point when the video gets even more funny and sweet at the same time, as the expression king can be seen emoting to every single flavour that he is experiencing.

After he is almost done savouring this bite, he asks, “Wasabi?” He does this so that he doesn’t get the name of the dish wrong. This video was shared on Instagram by Johny Lever with a caption that reads, “Wasabi chakh kar fresh hogaya.” The caption was complete with a grinning face with sweat emoji to show relief.

Watch it here:

This video has now gone all kinds of viral and received more than 5.1 million views. It was posted on February 27. The video has also received various comments from people who couldn’t stop ignoring these reactions on part of Johny Lever.

An Instagram user took to the comments section in order to write, “Expression king Johny Lever.” “Legend, nobody can be him,” reads another comment. A third posted, “My all time favourite comedy king.”

What are your thoughts on this Instagram upload by Johny Lever?

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