Florida woman charged with murder after allegedly stabbing her husband 140 times

A Florida woman accused of stabbing her husband more than 140 times has been charged with first-degree murder, police said.

Joan Burke, 61, of Palm Springs, was held without bond on Sunday, according to NBC affiliate WPTV of West Palm Beach.

Ricardo Green, 41, called authorities on Feb. 11 to say that he came home from work and found his stepfather, Melvin Weller, 62, lying on the floor in a pool of blood, the news station reported.

Weller also had a skull fracture caused by a blow from a meat cleaver to the right rear area of his head, Palm Springs police said.

An autopsy revealed the victim suffered more than 140 stab wounds, and officers noticed blood spatters and smears on the walls, kitchen cabinets and counters.

A couple of knives and a meat cleaver were in the kitchen sink, according to police.

Officers found Burke, the victim’s wife, lying in the master bedroom where she was conscious but quiet, police said. She was taken to a hospital for observation.

Investigators found cleaning tools on the floor near the victim’s body, WPTV reported.

They also said the numerous injuries to his body, coupled with the blood stains cast or otherwise spread on the walls, ceiling, counters and cabinets, made it obvious a violent struggle had occurred, according to the news station.

A tied-up plastic bag was located on the kitchen countertop containing Burke’s bloodstained nightgown and a cellphone, police said.

The motive for the stabbing was unclear Monday, and attorney information for Burke was unavailable.

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