Free gas near me: Pastor Kenyatta Smith hosts fuel giveaway at Shell station on Halsted in Chicago’s Washington Heights

CHICAGO (WLS) — A line of vehicles stretched down Halsted as far as the eye could see Sunday afternoon, as some waited for up to four hours for $20 worth of free gas at the Shell gas station in Washington Heights.

This, as many worry as gas prices soar in the recent weeks.

However, gas prices have actually started to come down over the past week. They’re on average, about seven cents a gallon less than the week before, but clearly still very high.

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At one Chicago area Shell gas station, a gallon of regular unleaded is going for $4.89 a gallon. At those prices, it’s no surprise people came out and waited for hours just for a few gallons of free gas.

“I was on empty and I just started a new job. I’m just grateful that I’ll be able to make it tomorrow. Never mind the other days, but I know I’ll be able to make it tomorrow. I’m so grateful,” said Charlene Burrell.

It was just last Thursday, former mayoral candidate Willie Wilson offered $200,000 in free gas. This weekend’s giveaway, organized by Pastor Kenyatta Smith, was paid for by donations to Another Chance Church in the hopes to help as many people as they could.

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“We want to make sure as many cars as come through here can get gas in their cars,” Pastor Smith said.

The latest gas giveaway was held at the Shell gas station at 9802 South Halsted Street on the city’s South Side. Smith previously said on Saturday the giveaway would be held BP gas station at West 99th Street and South Halsted Street in Washington Heights, but made a correction Sunday.

The giveaway comes as folks across the city and the country have increasingly been struggling just to pay for basic necessities. Inflation across the board and a spike in oil prices is making not just gasoline, but everything, more expensive.

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“It’s hard to deny that what we are doing. Cutting off Russian sources of oil won’t have some impact on the United States,” said Senator Dick Durbin earlier this week. “Governors are suspending their state sales taxes on gas…There’s conversation at the federal level as to how we can help families.”

And the gas giveaways are not over yet. Wilson is hosting a $1 million giveaway at 50 gas stations across the city and suburbs next week.

You can find the full list of participating locations HERE.

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