How to get Freepik Premium Account Free

How to get Freepik Premium Account Free. Freepik Premium Account – Currently, design in technology using gadgets can really maximize for people who focus and work with this design. Various kinds of software have emerged to be used.

Freepik is one of the providers of various vector or photo resources, which of course makes a profit for designers.

In this free pick, the resources provided are free and some are paid. There are, of course, differences between the two.

How to get Freepik Premium Account Free
How to get Freepik Premium Account Free

One of the sites that are widely discussed and have been circulating, this site is often used to create design work and also as a place to find the money.

But to be able to earn money, of course, must be in accordance with your passion.

If you use this Freepik account you must have the ability to design. If you have this ability, of course, it can be a source of income. Be it passive or active.

On this platform, you can sell the works that you have made before. The works in question are for example logo designs, vector images, and also icons or photos.

Regarding video footage, we still don’t know for sure, later we will try to find out.

The material contained in it is usually visual and there are various models and shapes and prices. Usually, in a premium Freepik account, there is already included SlidesGo, the Freepik editor.

Before discussing further, here we will first review this premium Freepik account. Let’s continue to read this article until the discussion is finished.

What is Freepik?

Freepik is a microstock site that gives you the opportunity to sell simple designs or photos. If you have an interest in using this site there are actually no special requirements.

What you must have is a work that has a bargaining value that sells. For example, suppose you must have a photo work to be uploaded. Well, the photo must be interesting and have a selling point to be attractive and can be bought by others.

Among designers, this Freepik is known as a search engine or vector design site, including illustrative images and free templates. This Freepik platform was founded by two Spanish brothers, Alejandro and Pablo Blanes.

In addition, they were also assisted by a friend named Joaquin Cuenca in 2010. Although you could say this is a new platform and still at the age of corn, it doesn’t make this site unpopular or small purchases.

It is even the opposite. Freepik is currently a faster-growing platform compared to other platforms.

What makes this site quite popular is that there is a free download system on its platform. This means that anyone can get a design for free.

But free designs are limited in nature and small in size. This is used by everyone after becoming a contributor because Freepik is very possible to sell their designs for a paid or premium.

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How to get Freepik Premium Account Free

freepik Premium Accounts

Well below we will provide recommendations for Freepik accounts that you can use, but of course, you have to be patient and try them one by one because we will provide many email names and passwords. Let’s see Freepik Premium Account.

[Free] Freepik Premium Account Today

Email Password embpainter 1010won ootwolate charlie1 9493south rick2916 Silky199 5tug9j3Q 5GUcSJzK 2gE6hjPk 3tFa56cT 5qw4XAhS cyAu5MYV XGfaLM8w

List of Latest Freepik Premium Accounts Still Active

User Password C4uSz8TE mandy123 Vduebrs2 batman8457 Ckt4QWAv Rq3gPvaq 9493south embpainter Silky1999

Attention: zamanalisandhu does not support any kind of hijacking or illegal use of accounts. The accounts mentioned on TechMaina are submitted by users or collected from other open-access portals.

How to Register as a Freepik Contributor

To be able to sell a work on Freepik, of course, you must first have an account and also become a contributor. Here we will show you how to register as a contributor.

1. Go to the Freepik Site

The first step, of course, is to visit the Freepik site first. If the site is already open, you can create a new account. If you want to create a new account, you can follow the steps below:

  1. On the initial screen of the site, there will be a display, click join now or login on your screen.
  2. Then you will be redirected by the system to the register page. Now here you will be asked to fill in the three existing fields such as the username column, email column, and password column. When it is filled, complete the next process, namely filling in the captcha. Check the box with the words I do not wish to receive news and promotion from Freepik company by email. Then click sign up now.

  1. You can connect your Facebook, Gmail, or Twitter account so you don’t bother to input data manually.
  2. If your password appears weak or weak, you should create a strong or strong password. Usually, a strong password is recommended to use a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. The number of characters used to make the password strong is 6 characters and less than 30.

2. Subscribe Page

Then the thing you have to do is you will be asked if you want to subscribe and then get 20 premium vector packs which will be sent by management.

If you want to subscribe, you can get exclusive Freepik designs, news, and promotions for our newsletter.

If you agree, just click yes, I’m in. if you object and don’t want to, please click on the text, No continue without getting the pack then go ahead and follow the next steps.

3. Become a Contributor

The next step is if you have filled out the subscribe page you will be redirected to the Freepik site homepage which contains lots of photo images, vector icons, and so on.

At this stage, you are not officially a contributor. But there are steps that must be completed as well.

For those of you who want to become a contributor, click on Become a Contributor at the top left of the Freepik site header.

When you click the button, you will be redirected to the contributor registration page.


Until the end of the discussion this time about the Freepik account. Hopefully, it can help those of you who are looking for information related to this discussion. Wait for our next article, only at zamanalisandhu.


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