Lock Upp: Saisha Shinde confesses that she’s falling for Munawar Faruqui; cries and tells Sara Khan, ‘It’s painful because I know it’ll never be two way’

Lock Upp contestant and popular designer Saisha Shinde has started to develop feelings for co-contestant and opposite team member, Munawar Faruqui. During the episode, Poonam Pandey was given a secret dare to complete, which she accomplished but while handing over the belongings to the guard, a few contestants had seen her. This led to a debate that she managed to steal the precious items of the opposite team members successfully and nowhere in the letter it was mentioned about maintaining secrecy while handing over the items to the guard.

Before leaving, the guards gave that letter to Saisha Shinde to re-affirm that the letter was very specific about the above said task. Munawar Faruqui asks Saisha what is written in it. She refuses and says that he doesn’t trust her and therefore, is asking her for the letter. Sara Khan intervenes and Saisha hands over the letter to her. Sara blasts at Saisha for almost being prepared to read out the letter to Munawar, followed by a huge fight, in which Tehseen Poonawalla says ‘akkal badi ya bhains.’ Saisha Shinde was hurt and went to the smoking zone to cry her heart out. She even pleaded to let her return home.

When Sara Khan tried to clarify things, they sorted their issue as Saisha hugged her and cried. Keeping her point forth, Saisha Shinde told Sara Khan, “I am just going to be stone-cold. I don’t want these accusations of going softer towards the orange team.”

Saisha asked Sara to switch off her mic and confided in her with her feelings for Munawar Faruqui. “I don’t know why but I am having a soft spot for Munawar.” Sara questioned, “You have?” To which Saisha responded, “I do. I am just feeling for him. If I take a decision keeping him in mind then it’s not my fault because I know that is only going to be one way, it’s never going to be two-way.”

Sara agreed with Saisha and said, “Right. Yes, it’s never going to be two-way.” Proving her loyalty towards her blue team, Saisha said, “If I’ve made mistakes, it’s because of this particular reason. It was because of him that my team accused me of doing things for attention. Whom should I go and share my feelings with. I just cannot.”

Sara asked Saisha if Munawar is aware of her feelings. To which, she said, “No, nobody knows. No one can know and nobody should know.” Sara looked at Saisha immersed in the feeling and called it “adorable.” Saisha cried and said, “No, it’s painful because I know there is nothing.”

Sara tells Saisha, “I am your friend and I am telling you that it will never happen.” Sara goes to say something about Munawar but Saisha gestures to her to be quiet. Saisha tells her, “Now you understand where I am coming from and what I am doing.” Sara told Saisha that all this is “scary.”

Recently, on the show, Saisha opened up about being in a mentally abusive relationship in the past.

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