Moscow says no plan to overthrow Zelensky govt, but ‘US must explain bio-weapon’ | World News

Russia’s foreign ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova on Wednesday said Moscow is not working to topple the Ukrainian government as some progress has been made in the three rounds of the talks held between Russia and Ukraine. In her weekly briefing, Zakharova said Moscow has documental evidence that bioweapons are being developed in Ukraine by the United States.

Referring to the statement of US Under Secretary of state for political affairs Victoria Nuland, Maria Zakharova said that in response to a question, Nuland has confirmed the existence of laboratories for biological research.

“We are not talking here about peaceful uses or scientific goals,” Zakharova said. “What were you up to there?” “These (programmes) were financed by the US Department of Defence.”

“The US Defence Department and the presidential administration of the United States are obliged to officially explain to the global community, officially, not through talking heads, about the programmes in Ukraine,” Maria Zakharova said.

“We demand details,” she said. “We demand and the world awaits,” Zakharova said.

Both Pentagon and Ukraine have already denied the allegations of bio-weapons.

As the conflict enters the 14th day with emerging evidence that Russia is attacking civilian areas, the spokesperson said they are not targeting civilians and even the Russian army’s aim is not to occupy Ukraine, or destruction of the statehood, but to “de-Nazify” the country.

Zakharova said Kyiv authorities are blocking evacuation efforts. “Information about humanitarian corridors is deliberately not communicated to the population,” she said, adding, “Persons wishing to leave for Russia are forced to evacuate in the Western direction.”



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