Naagin 6, 26th February 2022, Written Update: Ritesh wants to marry Pratha

In today’s episode, Mayank verbally harasses Pratha. Ritesh slaps him and asks him to apologise. Pratha asks him to let him go and Ritesh throws him out. Rhea asks why’s he supporting Pratha and asks Pratha to stop eyeing him. Ritesh asks her to shut up and Rhea asks how can he say that to her. Everyone comes and Rhea pushes Pratha down. Ritesh asks her to apologise to Pratha. Rishab jumps out of his car as soon as it catches fire. Ritesh says he likes Pratha and wants to marry her. Seema slaps him and tells he’ll have to break ties with their family. Ritesh agrees and leaves with Pratha. 

Mehek attacks Rishab and he falls unconscious. Pratha says she doesn’t like him. Rishab comes panting and Ritesh asks what happened. Mehek wonders how’s he still alive. Pratha does Rishab’s dressing. Mehek sees the scar vanished on his hand and thinks he’s not an asur. Lalit talks to his associates and tells he’ll complete the deal and gain the money. He recalls agreeing to the deal and tells everyone that there are 20 people like them. Ritesh tells he wants to marry Pratha. Rishab asks if he’s mad and takes Pratha to his room and asks why did she come to their house. Pratha says she’s only here to work and states that she doesn’t want to marry Ritesh. 

Pratha’s dad calls her and tells he was thrown out of the house. Pratha tells she’ll come. She tells everyone that she doesn’t want to marry and will quit the job. Ritesh brings Pratha’s dad home and tells he took care of the money. Mehek vows to find the asur. Lalit threatens Seema to get Ritesh married today. Then, Seema slaps Urvashi and tells Ritesh won’t marry Rhea if he doesn’t want to and tells she will get him married to Pratha. Lalit smiles and everyone gets shocked.

This episode has been watched on the channel’s OTT platform.

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