Nato Will Act If Moscow Hits Alliance, Says Us; Washington To Warn China Of Perils Of Aiding Putin At Rome Meet; Oil Price Ease From Highs

Russia-Ukraine War LIVE Updates: 

Moscow and Kyiv are set to resume another round of ceasefire talks on Monday, even as Russian military forces continued with air raids and ground assaults and pressed on major Ukrainian cities, including capital Kyiv. While the two sides hailed progress at earlier rounds of ceasefire talks, there seem to be no respite after more than two weeks of fighting. Russian forces had earlier stepped up attacks in western Ukraine with a deadly airstrike on a military base where defending troops had trained with NATO forces, bringing the conflict closer to Poland and other members of the bloc. After the targeted airstrike, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky threatened NATO members that they will soon be assaulted by Russian forces. US has warned Moscow if it hits at NATO, while Washington is also planning to meet the Chinese side and stress the economic penalties Beijing will face if it helps Russia in its war in Ukraine, US officials say.

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