Navy SEAL candidate dies following ‘Hell Week,’ another hospitalized

Naval Special Warfare Command said in a statement that the cause of the SEAL candidate’s death is currently unknown and is under investigation. The injured candidate is in stable condition at Naval Medical Center San Diego.

The sailors, who were not named, were not “actively” training when they began suffering symptoms, according to the statement.

NBC first reported on the incident.

They began suffering symptoms “several hours” after the sailors’ Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL (BUD/S) class had completed Hell Week and were taken for emergency medical care, according to the statement.

Hell Week is “part of the first phase of the Navy SEAL assessment and selection pathway,” according to Naval Special Warfare Command. It is considered the pinnacle of training for Navy SEALS and consists of five days in which trainees are constantly cold, hungry, sleep deprived and wet.

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