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Optical illusions are mind-boggling. Period. There is no doubt that the posts showcasing such illusions often leave people scratching their heads. However, at the same time, those are also the shares that leave people thoroughly entertained. In fact, Internet is filled with various kinds of videos and images of optical illusions. Just like this one involving numbers hidden in a black and white swirl that is a perfect addition to the category of interesting and intriguing optical illusions.

The illusion is posted by Twitter user Benonwine. “DO you see a number? If so, what number?” they wrote while sharing it. The image they shared shows a black and white striped circle. What has now amazed people is how many are seeing different numbers hidden in the circle.

Take a look at the post:

The post has been shared a day ago. Since being shared, the tweet has gathered nearly 1,700 likes and counting. The post has also prompted people to share various kinds of comments. People came up with different answers. While one person wrote it is 528, another posted that it is 15283. What number did you see?

If you are confused about the number, then here is a reply that will help you to see the correct number hidden in the circle.

What are your thoughts on the optical illusion?

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