Richland Washington shooting – live: Alleged Fred Meyer gunman’s landlord sought protection order for harassment

Fred Meyer shooting: Worker critical and one dead in Washington

New details continue to emerge about the man suspected of carrying out a deadly rampage at a Fred Meyer supermarket in Washington state.

Aaron Christopher Kelly, 39, was arrested early Tuesday following an hours-long manhunt after he allegedly shot two people, one fatally, at the store in Richland on Monday morning.

He is currently being held at the Benton County Jail on charges of first-degree murder and attempted murder. His bond was set at $1m.

Court records revealed that Mr Kelly, who officials said was previously known to law enforcement, was the target of a requested protection order in 2020.

The man who filed the order allegedly penned a since-deleted Facebook post after the shooting claiming Mr Kelly, who was his tenant, waged a harassment campaign against the landlord.

Meanwhile tributes have poured in for Justin Krumbah, the 38-year-old Instacart shopper killed in the shooting.

An investigation remains ongoing as the gunman’s motive remains unclear.


Gunman’s ex-landlord sought protection order

Suspected gunman Aaron Kelly’s former landlord has claimed that he begged authorities to take away his tenant’s firearm after he tried to poison his dogs.

Bryant Scott wrote in a now-deleted Facebook post, seen by, that Mr Kelly refused to leave the property he rented to him, was “repeatedly attempting to murder my dogs” and waged a campaign of harassment against him and his friends during the pandemic.

Mr Scott said he filed for a restraining order against the 39-year-old and asked a judge to confiscate his weapon – but that both requests were denied.

The Independent’s Rachel Sharp reports:

Megan Sheets8 February 2022 16:30


Everything we know about victim Justin Krumbah

Justin Krumbah, the 38-year-old Instacart shopper killed in Monday’s shooting, has been remembered by his customers as a “breath of fresh air”.

Tributes to Mr Krumbah have flooded a GoFundMe campaign raising money to help his family cover funeral costs.

Posts on his Facebook page also revealed his passion for his job.

In his last post before he died, Mr Krumbah shared a photo of him smiling cheerily dressed in his work apron.

“Hi ho, hi ho, off to work I go!” he captioned the photo, posted on 26 January.

The Independent’s Rachel Sharp explains what we know about Mr Krumbah:

Megan Sheets8 February 2022 16:09


Suspect known to police, reports say

Police have reportedly said the alleged suspect from Monday’s shooting had contact with law enforcement in the past, although those details remain limited.

The police department in Richland, Washington, is expected to announce further updates on Tuesday following the arrest of the 39-year-old suspect.

Gino Spocchia8 February 2022 15:40


Union boss condemns shooting violence

In a statement following the shooting on Monday, the president a union representing more than a million retail and factory workers said it was in shock at what happened in Richland, Washington.

“Workers in our local grocery stores have experienced many safety concerns over the last two years under Covid,” Eric Renner said. “This tragic shooting is another shock to all of us.”

He added that “We stand together with everyone in our community against this violence.”

Employees at the Fred Meyer voted as recently as last year to become associated with the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW), according to The New York Times.

Gino Spocchia8 February 2022 15:10


What the scene looked like outside the store

Shoppers and employees were escorted out of the Fred Meyer in the south of Richland, Washington, on Monday during a deadly shooting.

Amulances and police responded to the scene, as seen in the image below, and the supermarket is expected to remain closed until investigations are conducted.

Bystanders told reporters that around half a dozen shots were heard, and a suspect who was subject to a manhunt on Monday evening was afterwards arrested about 150 miles north of the city.

At the scene of the shooting in Richland, Washington, on Monday


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Police describe shooting as ‘senseless and tragic’

Richland interim police chief Brigit Clary has said the shooting at a Fred Meyer hypermarket was “a senseless and tragic act,” in a statement before the announcement of a the arrest of a 39-year-old suspect on Tuesday morning.

Ms Clary also confirmed on Monday afternoon that in addition to one white male who was shot dead, another while male was in critical condition and had undergone surgery.

While the injured was employee of Fred Meyer, the victim was not, said police.

He was later identified as 38-year-old Justin Krumbah, who reports suggest was known to Fred Meyer staff and will be remembered fondly.

Gino Spocchia8 February 2022 14:10


FBI ‘glad to assist’ police department in Richland

The FBI have been among more than half a dozen law enfocrmenrt agencies involved the response and investigations into the shooting at a Fred Meyer, which killed one and injured another.

The FBI office in Seattle, Washington, said its officers were “glad assist our partners at the Richland Police Department”, who arrested a suspect early on Tuesday morning.

Gino Spocchia8 February 2022 13:40


Businessman recalls 45 minute long situation

Local businessman Robert Cronkite also told a local news station on Monday that his shop sheltered members of the public “for about 45 minutes” while an attack unfolded across the road at a Fred Meyer.

He said he “talked to a couple of the workers” at another nearby business and asked “‘What did you hear?’, and they said ‘we heard a pop, pop, pop’ and four more shots – and at that point they realised there was a shooting”.

Mr Cronkite continued by saying he believed about a dozen people were sent to hospital for treatment following the shooting, with many having fallen over while fleeing the Fred Meyer.

“But there was one person shot and dead and there was an employee and he was shot in the head…and in the chest area”, said the businessman. Those details remain to be confirmed by Richland police.

Gino Spocchia8 February 2022 13:10


Business owner describes helping bystander

The owner of a business across from the Fred Meyer that was the scene of the shooting on Monday has described how he helped shoppers hide from the shooting suspect. 

Robert Cronkite told NewsNationNow in an interview that his employees witnessed “the terror in the eyes of these people that came and took cover in my shop,” and who were asking to get out of the way.

“I never seen terror in anyone’s eyes quite like what I saw today, it was quite something,” said the store owner, who also described helping a mother holding her child and who was crying, hide from the suspect.

“So I stopped them up and said please come into the shop”.

Gino Spocchia8 February 2022 12:45


Fundraiser set-up for shooting victim

A fundraiser for the 38-year-old shooting victim Justin Krumbah has raised more than $14,000 since yesterday’s attack at a Fred Meyer hypermarket in Richland, Washington.

In a message on the GoFundMe page for Krumbah, a friend of the victim’s sister said “I didn’t get the opportunity to meet him, but I do know his sister Krista. She is an amazing person and have heard nothing but good things about Justin! If you can please help, it would be appreciated”.

Krumbah was reportedly known to employees at the hypermarket where the shooting took place, who said he will be remembered fondly, as YakTriNews reported.

Gino Spocchia8 February 2022 12:25

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