Russia Destroys School in Merefa; Kremlin is Real Hitler of Our Time, Says Ukrainian Def Min

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In a series of tweets on Thursday, US President Joe Biden lambasted the Russian leadership and called Vladimir Putin a “war criminal” for “inflicting appalling devastation and horror on Ukraine” as Moscow continued to shell Ukrainian cities.

“Putin is inflicting appalling devastation and horror on Ukraine — bombing apartment buildings and maternity wards. Yesterday, we saw reports that Russian forces were holding hundreds of doctors and patients hostage. These are atrocities. It is an outrage to the world. The world is united in our support for Ukraine — and in our determination to make Putin pay a very heavy price for attacking Ukraine,” Biden said.

“America is leading this effort — together with our allies and partners — providing enormous levels of security and humanitarian assistance,” he asserted, as he formally announced his administration was sending an additional USD 800 million in military assistance to Ukraine.

Russia denies targeting civilians. In Moscow, the defence ministry said its forces had not struck the building and instead accused the Azov Battalion, a far-right Ukrainian militia, of blowing it up, RIA news agency said.

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