Russia-Ukraine war highlights | Emergency UNSC meeting called to discuss Ukraine humanitarian situation

The International Court of Justice, the top UN court, has ruled that Russia should suspend all its military operations in Ukraine and also ensure that any military or armed units supported by it take no further steps to continue military operations on Ukrainian soil.

The order passed will have a binding effect and invokes international legal obligations of the state. The court has further asked both nations to refrain from any action that may escalate the situation.

“Ukraine has a plausible right to not be subjected to military operations by Russia. Ukraine and Russia are both parties to the Genocide Convention. The court has considered whether there is a real and imminent risk and the court has found that irreparable harm may be caused in this case. The civilian population affected by such military operation is extremely vulnerable. The military action has already caused serious loss of lives and injuries. Many people don’t have access to basic necessities. A large number of people are attempting to flee,” the court observed.

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