Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Has Already Begun, Says UK; India Issues Advisory for Stranded Students

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia reached new heights with Russian president Vladimir Putin signing an order which recognised the separatist held Donetsk and Luhansk. This signing was followed by an announcement which said that Russian troops would enter the region as peacekeeping forces. The announcements have rattled the US and its NATO allies as many fear that this will bring the biggest security crisis threat Europe has faced since the end of the Cold War or even the second World War.

The US was swift in its condemnation followed by major European democracies like France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Nations from the world’s so-called eastern hemispheres also chimed in with Australia and Japan condemning the sudden escalation.

The US has called the notion of sending peacekeeping troops a ‘nonsensical’ move. Russia defended its move saying that the Ukrainian government failed to recognise the sentiments of its citizens in the southern and eastern parts of Ukraine.

The United Nations also condemned the move. India at the United Nations Security Council called for restraint and asked all parties to join discussions to resolve the crisis in a diplomatic manner.

Indian envoy to the UN TS Tirumurti also said that safety of Indians in Kyiv and in other places of Ukraine is of paramount importance. New Delhi will send a repatriation flight shortly to Kyiv to help stranded Indians return home.

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