Squid Game in Hindi

Squid Game in Hindi. Squid Game is a South Korean drama survival drama series available on Netflix which is breaking all the records. Let’s talk about Squid Game in detail first.

Squid Game is directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk and it’s not made like a piece of cake. Writer and Director Hwang Dong-hyuk written the Squid Game story 10 years ago but it was rejected by many studios over the last decade and finally, Netflix has shown interest in it. Squid Game is now available for all the audience on Netflix and breaking all viewership records on the platform.

Yes, as per Netflix Squid Game is not the most-watched show in over 90 countries around the world. Squid Game is now the most viewed show ever in Netflix history.

Squid Game star cast includes Lee Jung-Jae, Park Hae-soo, Wi Ha-Joon, Jung Ho-Yeon, O Yeong-us, Heo Sung-Tae, Anupam Tripathi, and Kim Joo-young. Squid Game web series is all about survival and winning money. This show has 456 contestants who participate in one game having 6 different games. The host has some rules like whoever loses the game will be eliminated from the game and the winner will take the all money home.

At first, contestants thought that elimination means going home but here was the twist. As per the game rules, elimination will be termed as the player’s death. We don’t suggest you watch this web series alone or with the family as the content of this web series is pretty disturbing.

South Korea has produced many popular and Oscar-winning movies earlier which are loved by audiences around the world which includes movies like Parasite and Train to Busan. Now they have added one more popular drama into their success list which is Squid Game.

Dubbing English movies or web series is quite easy compared to Korean drama as the language and script are pretty tough to translate to the Hindi language. But, the makers and Hindi dubbing artists made it extremely easy. Yes, Squid Game is also available in the Hindi language on Netflix and it was dubbed by many prominent Hindi voice dubbing artists of India.

Let’s see which Hindi dubbing artist gave their voice to Squid game characters.

Squid Game in Hindi Character Names, Real Actors Name & Hindi Dubbing Artists

Character Name Actor Name Hindi Dubbing Artist
Seong Gi-Hun Lee Jung-Jae Rajesh Kava
Kang Sae-Byeok Jung Ho-Yeon Shagufta Abrar
Cho Sang-Woo Park Hae-Soo Rajesh Shukla
Jang Deok-Soo Heo Sung-Tae Manoj Pandey
Ali Abdul Anupam Tripathi Mohit Sinha
Byeong-KI Yu Seong-Ju Anshul Saxena
Han Mi-Nyeo Kim Joo-Ryung Balvinder Kaur
Oh II-Nam Oh Young-Soo Pawan Shukla
Ji-Yeong Lee Yoo-Mi Nilufer Middey
Female Announcer Shilpi Pandey
Masked Manager Vishal Menon
Front Man Lee Byung-Hun Aadityaraj Sharma
Hwang Jun-Ho Wi Ha-Joon Pushkar Vijay
Suit Man Gong Yoo Lohit Sharma
Step-Father Jang Jae-Kwon Lohit Sharma
Square Character Lohit Sharma
Circle Character Lohit Sharma
Police-Man Kim Min-Sik Lohit Sharma
Other Players Lohit Sharma

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Squid Game in Hindi Voice Dubbing Cast

#1 Seong Gi-Hun – Rajesh Kava

#2 Kang Sae-Byeok – Shagufta Abrar

#3 Cho Sang-Woo – Rajesh Shukla

#4 Jang Deok-Soo – Manoj Pandey

#5 Ali Abdul – Mohit Sinha

#6 Byeong-KI – Anshul Saxena

#7 Han Mi-Nyeo – Balvinder Kaur

#8 Oh ll-Nam – Pawan Shukla

#9 Ji-Yeong – Nilufer Midday

#10 Female Announcer – Shilpi Pandey

#11 Masked Manager – Vishal Menon

#12 Front Man – Aadityaraj Sharma

#13 Hwang Jun-Ho – Pushkar Vijay

Squid Game in Hindi.



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