Strikes on key infra in Kyiv

UNSC Counter Terrorism Committee meet: US, UK, France call for end to Ukraine war, Russia says West supplying arms to Kyiv

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine entered ninth month, the conflict resonated in the UN Security Council Counter Terrorism Committee meet in Delhi on Saturday. While France, the US and the UK attacked Russia for its violent invasion of Ukraine, Russia accused them of supplying Kyiv weapons, which, it claimed, were going into the hands of terrorist organisations.

During the session on ‘Interventions from CTC members’, the representative from France attacked Russia over use of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) by state actors. “On the battlefield, state actors and also states are using drones and unmanned aerial vehicles indiscriminately, violating international law. France will continue to carry the values of multilateralism, democracy and international law in our common fight against terrorism,” he said.

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