Talks Between Russian And Ukrainian Representatives Underway In Belarus

Russia Ukraine Crisis LIVE: As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine entered its eighth day on Thursday, the Russian army has been wreaking havoc in Ukraine for consecutive days. Russian President Vladimir Putin is firm on his decision despite all-round criticism. Russia has made it clear that Ukraine will have to surrender, except that there is no other way to end the war. Ukraine has also made it clear that it will not bow down to Russia.

Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Wednesday that if the Third World War happens, nuclear weapons will also be involved in it and it will be disastrous. Russia’s state media Sputnik gave this information. Amidst the bombing in Ukraine, the Russian army has claimed to have captured the city of Khurasan in Ukraine.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin has put the country’s nuclear forces on ‘special alert’. His move is causing concern all over the world.

But analysts say Putin’s move is probably to prevent any other country from joining his war with Ukraine. This should not be taken as a sign of willingness to use nuclear weapons.

The figures for the number of nuclear weapons are only estimates, but according to an organization named Federation of American Scientists, Russia has 5,977 nuclear weapons worldwide. Of these, 1,500 are about to expire or will soon be destroyed as they become obsolete.

The remaining 4,500 weapons are considered Strategic Nuclear Weapons. These include ballistic missiles and rockets that can strike long distances. These are the weapons that are seen in association with nuclear war.

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