Twinkle Khanna wades into hijab row, says it makes her chuckle when leaders say ‘hijab stops men from being tempted’ | Bollywood

Former actor Twinkle Khanna has weighed in on the hijab row that has engulfed the country for the last few weeks. The bestselling author has written in her latest newspaper column about the issue, with her usual pinch of humour. Twinkle wrote that while she agrees that the choice about what women should wear must rest with women themselves, she cannot help but chuckle at some of the arguments that religious leaders come up with to defend the hijab. (Also read: Twinkle posts throwback with Dimple, fans say ‘no one can beat your mom’s style’)

The row erupted earlier this year when some Muslim girls from the coastal district of Udupi, approached the court stating that they were denied entry to the college for wearing hijab. The girls also wanted a government order banning any cloth that would disturb peace, harmony and public order, to be quashed.

Sharing her take on the matter, Twinkle took to Twitter on Sunday. She wrote, “Burgas, hijabs and even ghungats for that matter have worked their way into becoming religious and cultural constructs. While I am not an advocate for any sort of veiling, it is up to the women themselves to decide without intimidation on either side.”

She added, “I must admit hearing a few religious leaders talk about how a hijab stops men from being tempted does make one chuckle. All these bhai saabs should sit down and let the stand-ups talk instead. Very few men would consider a woman’s head an erogenous zone. Can you imagine date-night conversations that include, ‘Wow your head is looking so hot today’? `Oh, thank you darling, I keep it in shape by trying not to get swollen headed in its beauty.”

Twinkle also commented on the war between Ukraine and Russia following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to move into its neighbour’s territory. Twinkle says that amid all this, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has emerged as a hero.

“Zelensky, a former comedian, has rightfully become a global hero. Baba Twinkdev, the only guru I would advise you to listen to and then ignore on alternate Sundays, did once say, ‘Beta ji, life and rummy follow the same rules, it’s better to have a joker in your hand than an ace up your sleeve.’ After all, it’s not former spy Putin’s manoeuvres but Zelensky’s stand-up act that has made the world rally to Ukraine’s side,” she wrote. (Also read: All about the Russia-Ukraine Crisis)

Sharing the snippets, Twinkle also wrote in her tweet, “Life and rummy follow the same rules, a joker in your hand is better than an ace up your sleeve. Follow stand-ups instead of mystics and ministers, the only price you pay is the admission ticket, or even better, is included in your Netflix subscription.”

Twinkle often shares her hot take on raging current affairs through her social media. She is the daughter of late actor Rajesh Khanna and actor Dimple Kapadia. Her husband is actor Akshay Kumar and together, they have two children.

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