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A former sniper of the Canadian forces, Wali, known as the world’s deadliest snipers who can deliver 40 kills on a productive day, is in the news amid the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, after he reportedly joined the Ukraine army, responding to the calls of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. What’s interesting about this world-famous sniper is that apart from being a fighter, he documents all he comes across. According to reports, Wali reached Ukraine on March 4 along with three former Canadian soldiers.

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Here are 10 interesting facts about Wali

1. Wali is a 40-year-old Canadian fighter, married and has a one-year-old kid at home.

2. He had served in the Royal Canadian 22nd Regiment in Iraq and Afghanistan.

3. According to his diary, which he is maintaining as the world sees a deadly conflict between Russia and Ukraine, he was doing programming a week ago. Apart from being a fighter, Wali is also a computer scientist.

4. Wali reportedly holds the record of the world’s longest confirmed kill of 3.5km when he fired a McMillan Tac-50 rifle to shoot an Islamic State militant in Mosul from almost.

5. Between 2009 and 2011, he had fought in Kandahar.

6. Reports say Wali is not the fighter’s real name. This name was given to him by Afghans. His real name remains unknown.

7. 40 kills per day is what has made sniper Wali the most dreaded sniper of the world as it is believed that a good sniper gets around 5 to 6 kills per day while a great sniper’s per-day kills might be somewhere between 7 to 10.

8. After he joined the Russia-Ukraine war, Wali has been interviewed by many media platforms. But still many believe Wali’s legends might not be real.

9. Reports claim Wali has already killed six Russian soldiers.

10. The Facebook posts which are supposedly made by him as he is documenting his journey in Ukraine are undersigned by ‘W’.

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