Video Shows China’s Driving Test, Internet Says It “Looks Like Fast And Furious Audition”

Video Shows China's Driving Test, Internet Says It 'Looks Like Fast And Furious Audition'

The video accumulated more than 10 million views and nearly 180,000 likes.

A video showing China’s driving test has surfaced on social media and left internet users stunned. The short clip was shared on Twitter by user Tansu Yegen on Friday, with the caption, “Driver license exam station in China”. 

In the video, a path is created with white outlines, comprising several obstacles. A white car is seen parking the vehicle, making an eight and even driving the car backwards, that too without touching the outline of the path. 

Watch the video below: 

The video opened to show the vehicle starting with the zig-zag track. It then showed the driver parking the car in reverse. At this moment, one man, from the group of five standing next to the car, was seen coming to the other side to check if the driver touched any outline. 

Seconds later, the driver was seen making an eight and then driving the car in reverse for a longer path, which also included going up a track and then coming down. In the end, the driver was then seen parallel parking, which is considered to be one of the hardest skills for new drivers. 

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The video left internet users stunned. While many praised the drivers driving skills, others shared videos and images of driving tests from different countries

“Looks more like a fast and furious audition,” wrote one user. “This is extremely difficult. Have to admire their training,” added another. 

A third commented, “Similar in Taiwan. The parallel parking has to be done in one shot, with no back-and-forth. If you fail twice, you are out.” 

A fourth jokingly added, “If this were the requirement in the States, there would be no congested roads and millions of people on bicycles”. 

Since being shared, the video accumulated more than 10 million views and nearly 180,000 likes. 

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