Watch: President Zelensky’s comedy show clip goes viral as Ukraine fights Russia | World News

As Ukraine is facing its worst crisis in the face of Russia’s offensive, President Volodymyr Zelensky’s old videos are going viral on the internet, as he has become the internet’s favourite overnight. Before Zelensky’s entry into politics, he was an actor and starred in a show named ‘Servant of the People’. Among the viral videos, one is a clip from that show.

‘Servant of the people’


In this show, Zelensky essayed the character of a school teacher who accidentally becomes Ukraine’s president after his rant against the government goes viral.

In the viral video set in a classroom, shared first by The Recount, part of the rant delivered by Zelenskyy’s character can be seen. “Why do our politicians come to power and make the same mistakes? It’s because they are mathematicians. The only thing they know is how to divide, add and multiple their own wealth,” the character said

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“We are choosing between two ****ing bastards! It has been like this for 25 years in a row. Do you know what is interesting? Nothing will change this time!” the rant goes on. “It’s because you, my father and I will choose a ****ing bastard again! It’s because yes, he is a bastard but he is still better than the other ones,”  the character added.

Dancing with the star

Another video shows Zelensky as a dancer as the Internet got to know that in 2006 Zeensky had won the Ukrainian version of Dancing with the Stars.

‘Zelensky is the president’


The other video, also shared by The Recount, is a part of Zelensky’s inauguration speech of 2019. “After my victory at this election, my six-year-old son said ‘Hey Pop, I was watching TV, they say Zelenskyy is the president. So it means I am the president too?” he said.

“…later I understood the truth. Because every one of us is the president now,” he had said.



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